A Wedding Ring Is More Than You Think

A wedding ring is not just jewelry which shows that one is engaged or married. Its a lot more than that. A wedding ring is a symbol of Love, Respect, Dedication, and Decision, that one takes to spend their life with one another. It is always a special moment for the couple, at the time when the bride is walking down the aisle, they take their vows and lace the ring on each other’s hand. A wedding ring is a promise to take care of each other that never gets of their hands. However, a wedding ring is a lot more than that. While you wear wedding rings, it signifies a lot of things about a person and also makes one realize their duties as a partner. Let’s have a look at some of the few things that a ring signifies.

Wedding ring

It will affect both of you

A wedding ring not only shows that you are a couple but also makes you realize that both of you are one now and any decision or changes in one life will affect both of you. From the time you exchange the ring and the vows, both of you are a part of each other’s life and every decision one makes will also affect the partner’s life, positive or negative. Therefore, a ring symbolizes how much both of you are connected.

Wedding rings on hands


When a wedding ring is exchanged, so is the vows to respect each other feelings and choices. A ring on your hand will always make you remember that you are important in a relationship, but so is your partner and you should always respect your partner’s feelings, their choices, their decision and the way they are. Respect is the most important part of a relation. Without respect, there is no love in a relationship.

It shows you are engaged

Wedding rings on your hands are one of the best ways to stop someone from hitting on you and tell them “You’re engaged” without even saying a word. Women mostly like to use this tactic whenever someone tries to hit on them. Wearing a wedding ring on your hand is the best way to avoid unnecessary attention.

Ring exchange

Remembering each other

Wedding rings are exchanged with love and vow until death can keep the couple apart. Whenever you are far away from your partner, the wedding ring is one thing that will always make you remember him or her. It a symbol of love given by your partner that you can always carry with yourself, no matter where you are.


Wedding rings can be a lot more for a person, depending on the feelings one has. It is very sad to see that many couples take a wedding ring as just a piece of jewelry. However, the ring is more than that and symbolizes the kind of relationship you and your partner have. Wear it with love and flaunt it with attitude.

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