Best wedding invitation ideas


A wedding is the most important part of human life. A time where two people unite for life and share all their feelings with one another. This is the reason why the bride and groom want to celebrate this event in the best way possible so that the guest can remember them because of it for a long time. In making it memorable, wedding invitations play a very vital role. The most traditional form of the invitation is through a wedding card where the date, location, and events are mentioned. However, to make it a unique experience, couples have now started using different types of wedding invitations cards. Wedding cards made of chocolate and cards made of wood are just one of the few ways, people have made their invitations unique. If you want to do it as well, then let’s have a look at some of the best and unique wedding invitation ideas.


Wedding invitation on a Hankerchief

Surprising, but true. Many couples globally have used a nice clean handkerchief to print their wedding invitations. The handkerchief can later be used as normal. It might just come in handy for the tears of joy at weddings.

Wedding invitations on laser cut paper

This type of wedding invitations is very popular and widely used nowadays. Under this concept, a specific desing is carved and cut from the paper on which the wedding invitation is printed. The carved wedding invitations cards, look very unique with a great sense of styling and a unique presentation.

invitation card

Non-Paper printing

People have started using a lot of different products in the market to print their wedding cards. Apart from paper and fabric, people have also started using things like wood and leather to print the details of the wedding. These might look a little different, but these wedding invitations can be used as decorative pieces or souvenirs after the marriage.

Wedding invitation on edible products

Wedding cards needs to be very presentable in the first look. This is why many people have tried to provide a wedding invitation on edible items as chocolate. Many people have used chocolate as a wedding card so that it can be consumed later.

Wedding chocolate

Transparent photo frames

Inviting someone and also gifting them an item, both can be achieved through wedding invitation on a photo frame. People often frame their invitation, which can later be replaced by the guest personal picture. It not only provides an invitation but also a pleasant gift to the known one.

Eco-Friendly paper

Another major trend for wedding invitations cards is the use of eco-friendly paper. Such paper can be used to print the invitation like normal. After marriage, the person can add invitations to the plants with water. The card will slowly dissolve with water and will become a part of the mud.


These are some of the best and the most unique wedding invitations idea. Wedding invitation ideas can be different. Try to pick a unique way that is not only environment-friendly but also gives a uniqueness to your invitation


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