Best women plus size clothing brands in the world

Buying plus size clothes are not easy. There is a lot of hits and misses a customer has to face while purchasing it. The biggest problem with buying clothes for women with the plus-size is either non-availability of size or lack of design and fashion trendy clothes. Another problem that most plus-size people face is fitting. Women plus size clothing often suffer through the problem of the whacky fitting. It is a scenario where the dress might look great in a picture or promotion from the brand but looks different when actually worn. However, there are some brands in the market that has some of the best plus size clothing for women with great quality and trendy designs. Let’s have a look at some of the few.

Mango store


Mango is one of the most known clothes brands globally and has a lot of different variables when it comes to women’s clothing. However, not many people know the Mango has a plus size range for women as well. They offer a high-quality design on premium quality fabric in women plus size clothing. You can opt to buy from dresses, jackets, coats, etc. The range for plus size fabric keeps on changing every season wit latest designs. If you have a Mango store near you, it would be wise to rush there and pick up your favorite dress.


Elvi is one of the favorite and newly emerging fashion brands for women plus size clothing. The brand was first discovered through ASOS Curve and since then has gained a lot of popularity due to the trendy and fashionable clothes it provides in all sizes. The brand is known to provide special designs and styles that are not avaialbe elsewhere in plus size. Be it any fabric or even leather, they have some of the best dresses in the market. Their most popular plus size dresses are skirts. Which are hugely popular among women.



If we are talking about women’ plus size clothing, there is no way one can miss the brand known as Navabi. They have one of the biggest range in plus size fashion in the market. The clothing range for women consists of the latest design, trends, and pattern and is avaialbe until the size 32. The clothes are just a bit costlier but are nothing when compared to the amount of variety they have on offer. The brand offers the best quality clothing in the plus-size industry.

ASOS clothing

ASOS Curve

ASOS curve is one of the most popular women plus size clothing brand. The brand is known to provide some of the best classy and trendy desing for plus size women. Their sizes can go up to the size of 30 and they have a large variety to choose from. Their clothing line for plus size is refreshed every week and they also provide a lot of flash sales for the customer. If you are looking for plus size clothing then this should definitely be the first brand you should think of.

If you do not have a store nearby for any of these clothing brands then you can select the plus size dresses from their online websites. You will get the same quality and variety online as well.

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