Cheap wedding invitations

While one is making arrangments for a wedding, there always is a lookout for the best of services at good prices. What most people prefer is booking the entire wedding arrangments and services as a package from the wedding planner. However, there are still a lot of different things that need to think of and do it themselves. One such thing is selecting the wedding invitation card and send it to their future guests. There are multiple varieties of wedding cards in the market. From the cheapest to the costliest, wedding cards are great but are not a necessary cost that one needs to have and can definitely save on them if thought on smartly. 

Photo invitation

One has to agree that no matter how much you spend on the wedding cards, they are pretty useless to the guest after the wedding. Therefore, all the amount one has spent on the wedding cards, are just meant to check the details and address, after which they become useless. So are their cheaper method of invitation? Yes, there are a lot of cheap wedding invitations ideas that one could use to invite the guest and save on the wedding card cost. Since the ultimate aim is just to deliver the marriage information, a person can definitely save a lot of money on the invitation cards.


Sending a photo invitation


Clicking a perfect photo of the couple and sending it to the guest as an invitation card is much cheaper than purchasing and sending wedding invitation cards. The process is also fairly simple. The couple can simply get a photo clicked and mention the marriage details on it. The cost per picture is way less than the cost of a single wedding card. Also, sending a photo invitation is a new concept and looks attractive too.

Email invitation

Sending a Wedding invitation on Email


One of the most commonly used ways of digital communication is Email. With the coming of smartphones, one can easily access their email anytime, anyplace. The couple can simply create an email and sending it to hundreds of people at a single time. This not only saves the cost on the wedding cards but also saves a lot of time, that is required while distributing physical wedding cards. This is definitely one of s the best and cheap wedding invitations one can go for.

Social media invitation

Use Social Media like Facebook or Instagram


Very similar to email, one can simply create a picture, video or post on Facebook and Instagram and post it on their wall or profile, which can be viewed by all their friends. This method will not only inform all your friends on facebook at one go but will also save a lot of time. Nowadays, everyone has a social media profile and connecting and inviting through these is one of the most efficient methods. So when it comes to cheap wedding invitations, this should be your first choice.


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