Services that should be a part of your wedding packages

Weddings are a combination of many different services, brought together perfectly to give a great experience to the couple and the guests. Many different things need to be done at a wedding, due to which it is not easy for a person to keep track of everything. Since people have started using different themes at weddings and have also started to spend more on it, it has become extremely difficult to choose from a variety of services that need to be included in a wedding. This is why many different wedding organizers have now started proving wedding packages which are great for people who do not have the time to look after every service they have booked. 

Wedding packages

A wedding package is a combination of all the services such as drinks, foods, decoration, music, and other necessary services and things bundled together. A person simply needs to pay the organizer for the wedding packages and all will be taken care of by them. This way the person who has booked it can manage other important things on his list, rather than looking at the different services at the venue. If you want to book a wedding package, then make sure that these services are a permanent part of the package, apart from the optional one


In House DJ and Music


There is no party without music and if your wedding package does not include an in house DJ, then its not worth it. Make sure that the wedding organizer has music as a service. Also, make sure to check the type of music he will provide, such as a live DJ, Disco or just simply music with speakers. Another thing is the duration for which the music will play. This will make sure that the music plays for a good amount of time.

package rates


Most of the wedding planners who provide good wedding packages, also provide 2-3 rooms for the bride and groom to get dressed and have a little private space before the actual wedding takes place. Make sure to check the rooms in advance if they are good and clean. Also, confirm the timing for which you will be getting the room. 


Main Course and snacks


This is the most important part of wedding packages. Make sure to check the variety and courses they will be serving to the guest. Also, to make sure that the food tastes good and is hygenic, book a taste testing session, where you can taste the actual food samplers, that will be served at the wedding. Also, the dishes on the menu should be customizable to suit your taste and make changes if necessary.


Sitting Arrangement and Decor

Before getting a wedding package, make sure that you get an option to customize the decoration of the wedding venue as per your theme. Also, confirm the seating arrangments and the type of decor that will be done by the wedding planner. The package should allow you to use flowers and colors of your choice.


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