Things one should take care of in an Outdoor wedding

A wedding is one of the most special occasions in one’s life. To make that day special, people often try to think out of the box and arrange things in a not so regular manner. This has made people go out for different concepts for decorations and venues for their marriage and one of the most popular out of them is the concept of an outdoor wedding. A beautiful open garden with wedding ceremonies being held in open nature is a beautiful and creative concept. Similarly, people have started using beaches, mountains, and other open areas as well, to make the ceremony look more scenic and to create lifetime memories. However, with the attractiveness of this concept, comes a lot of other difficulties that should be planned beforehand. This makes sure that nothing comes in between your lifetime experience. Let’s have a look at some of the basic things that one needs to pre-arrange and take care of in an outdoor wedding.

Beautiful wedding arrangment


This is perhaps one of the biggest problems that an outdoor wedding can face. Although, people often check the weather forecast before arranging the wedding outdoors, however, everyone knows that nature can be unpredictable. Therefore, one needs to prepare a backup plan beforehand, in case there are chances of rain, etc. This will make sure that the fun never stops no matter what happens.

Hairstyling and Makeup

Outdoor conditions for outdoor weddings will differ from place to place. It can be cold, hot, sweaty, etc. Therefore, you need to make sure that the hairstyling and makeup on your wedding day should be according to that. One can always go for windproof hairstyling, which does not affect the hair a lot in case of winds. Also, the makeup should be such that it does not get affected by sweat or other weather conditions.

Wedding arrangements

Dress and Shoes

Since you are planning an outdoor wedding, most of your time will be outdoors on the grass, hard or soft surface. Therefore, the bride needs to make sure that she avoids any kind of heels. Using a heel in such conditions can cause a lot of discomfort while using it for a few hours. Go for flats, which are going to be much more comfortable and will prevent any pain. While choosing a wedding dress, be sure of the weather that is forecasted for the time. A wedding dress can increase a lot of heat when you wear them for a long time. Therefore, if the tempreture is already hot for your outdoor wedding, choose something more breathable and lighter.

Wedding outdoors

Arrangement for guests

Since it is an outdoor wedding, the guest will be seated outside as well. Make sure that the arrangements made for seating the guest are comfortable and the area has been prepared properly before the wedding starts. Using scented flowers for natural fragrances in the wedding area, or small fire arrangments in a cold outdoor wedding can make things a little more cozy and attractive for guests.

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