What is the best trading strategy for an investor in the financial market


When it comes to investing in financial or stock markets, an individual cannot just blindly invest in due to the amount of risk certain investments have. To achieve maximum return from the investment and increase the value of one’s saving, a trading strategy is a must. To make sure that an individual gets constant and steady returns from an investment, it is very important for a person to know everything about the security they are trying to invest in. Since it takes time for a person to understand and check all the details, they mostly prefer to invest in financial markets through brokers. Brokers have a lot of experience and practical knowledge on how to invest the fund properly. Additionally, they create a trading strategy for each customer that is customized as per their needs.

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However, if you want to save money on brokers and want to invest in the financial market yourself, then you would have to make your own trading strategy to make sure that you get constant benefits will the least risk. 


  • The first things that you need to decide are whether you will be doing a short term or long term trading. In short terms trading, traders basically buy and sell the securities in a very short period. It can be sold and bought on the same day or in a couple of days. When it comes to long term trading, the securities are bought for a longer period of time like months or years. In this type of trading, a buyer will wait for a long period of time to gather higher returns from the investment. It would also depend on the amount of time you could give to trading. If you can provide daily a few hours to trading, then the short term could be very beneficial, else go for long term trading.
  • Once you have decided on the type of trading you want to do, decide on the type of security you want to trade. It can be shares, bonds, stocks, commodities, etc. Each type of security and investment has risk associated with it. Some have a higher risk with possible higher return and some have a lower risk. The higher the risk, the more profit these securities will offer. Check and calculate the amount of risk you can take and select appropriate security you can invest int.

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Now, you can either choose to do day trading, where the trading strategy is to buy and sell the stocks on the same day. You can also go for a short term strategy where you can buy and hold the securities for more than one day before selling it for profits. Another popular trading strategy is Buy Today Sell Tomorrow where the stocks are sold the next day after buying them. Buy and Hold is another most used strategy, meant for those who like to hold an investment for a long time before selling it. Fundamental trading is also a good strategy when you want to invest in securities for a specific company only. A micro trading strategy can also be used by a trader who only holds the security for a few seconds or minutes before selling it. It does not matter which strategy you choose, but select the one you are most comfortable with depending on the amount of time you can dedicate.

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