What should be inside your dry hair shampoo

Dry hair is a very common hair condition that many people suffer globally. Under this situation, the hair loses moisture and becomes dry. Due to the dryness, it loses the root strength and leads to severe hair fall and hair damage. The only solution to this problem is to retain the moisture of the hair. The problem can occur due to many reasons. Some of the common reason is washing hair with water having high salt content and using hair products without checking is it is suitable for your hair condition. 

Damaged hair

Using shampoos with high chemical content or something too strong for your delicate hair can also cause them to dry out. To make sure your hair doesn’t face similar problems, one should opt for a dry hair shampoo that can help retain the moisture and is not too harsh on hair. There are a lot of different ingredients that can help bring back moisture to the dry hair. Therefore, make sure to check the list of components below in your dry hair shampoo before buying them.




It is one of the most common ingredients, that is used by many different dry hair shampoo companies. It belongs to the southeast part of China and is a clay-like substance that absorbs grease and helps to retain the moisture of your hair. This component also helps to make your hair less reflective and gives a beautiful nonglossy look to the hair.




This is one of the most used components in dry hair shampoo. It does not have any benefits in repairing dry hair problems. It is used as a solvent to mix all the ingredients. Alcohol has been found very effective bu these industries when it comes to binding all the different components together to create a highly effective shampoo. 

Dry hair shampoo

Aluminum Starch and Silica


This is a very important ingredient of dry hair shampoo which helps to absorb all the moisture and oily grease like films from your hair. Starch is a component that is very good for absorbing moisture and the components of shampoo do the same. The starch will clean up any kind of moisture in the hair and will clean the roots from any kind of grease or oil. The starch particles from the shampoo stick to the hair and help to give the hair a fresh and matter look, that looks much better. It is recommended that dry hair shampoo with natural starches like rice starch should be used as it is more skin-friendly.

Dry hair



There are different brands and types of dry hair shampoo avaialbe in the market. However, one should always look out for the ingredients to make sure that these do not contain ingredients that they are allergic to. Also, it is always recommended to opt for products that have more natural ingredients that chemical components. Product with 60-70 percent of natural ingredients can be used more without any problems.


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