Why wedding thank yous are important and who deserves them

A wedding thank you is simply a way of thanking a person for coming on to your wedding, helping you in the preparation or to anyone who has helped in a way during the wedding process. Wedding thank yous are just a way of showing gratitude to people for becoming a happy part of your newly married life. It is one of the best and the most personalized way to show a person how much their presence meant to you at the wedding. Wedding thank yous are given before the guest leaves the wedding venue or within a few days after the wedding. It is not only important to thank the guest but also important to show them that they are important and they were welcomed to be part of the ceremony. There are different ways and people to who one should give a wedding thank yous.

Wedding thank you

Using a simple thank you card is one of the best options to give a wedding thank you. Also, to make it special, use a handwritten note. Digital note is good, but a handwritten note of thank you will show the personalization you have done for the guest. You can also send an email or any digital communication to the guest as a thank you note. However, it is still recommended that you use a handwritten wedding thank you. But then comes a question as to whom should you give wedding thank yous. Let me tell you about a few people you should never miss.


  • People who have attended your wedding and have given you and your partner a wedding gift deserves a thank you note.


  • People who have helped you in the entire arrangement of the wedding venue and other small things, that were a part of the wedding services, also deserve a thank you note.


  • Vendors who have done all the arrangments for your wedding ceremony, like seating, food, drinks, music, etc, also deserved a wedding thank you note.


  • If someone hosted a pre-wedding party for you to celebrate your marriage and this happy moment, then that person also deserves a thank you note.

Thank you note

There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind before giving a wedding thank yous. The thank-you note should be entirely personalized for each person and should not have the same generic message on all the thank you notes. If one can also mention something specific about the guest at the wedding and thank him for that, it becomes extremely special for the guest. Make sure not to write long sentences or paragraphs. Try to be short and precise, but still self-explanatory. Lastly, mentioned both the partner’s name while giving a thank you note. This shows that the note was from both the bride and groom. While writing the thank you note, try to be yourself and write with the gratitude you feel for your guest.

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